Kingdoms around Israel

The Kingdom of Moab, founded by the descendants of Moab,[1] was located east of of the Dead Sea between the kingdoms of Edom and Ammon.

During the days of the Judges, the people of Israel did evil in the eyes of the Lord so he handed them over to the Moabites. King Eglon along with the Ammonites and the Amalekites conquered Israel. After eighteen years Israel called out to God and he raised up Ehud to deliver them. Ehud came to the Eglon to deliver the tribute and stabbed him with a concealed blade. Upon escaping he went to the hill country of Ephraim, gathered the people, and defeated Moab in battle.[2]

Ruth, the great grandmother of David, was from Moab.[3] While David was being pursued by king Saul he went to Mizpeh to speak to the king of Moab. David asked if his parents could stay in Moab where they would be protected from Saul. They stayed with the king until David became king.[4]

By the reign of Rehoboam Moab was in vassalage to Israel. When the kingdom split they were ruled by the northern kingdom of Israel. When king Ahab died the Moabites, led by king Mesha, rebelled against Ahab's son Jehoram. Jehoram, along with the kingdoms of Judah and Edom, went out to meet Moab in battle. After a seven day journey the armies had run out of water. The three kings sent for the prophet Elisha who told them that the Lord would bring rain and fill the dry riverbed that they were camped in. By the next morning the rains came and filled the country with water. When the Moabites arrived early in the morning the sun reflected off the water and appeared like pools of blood. The Moabites thought that the three armies had struck each other down and went into the camp of their enemies. It was then the armies rose up and struck down the Moabites.[5]

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