Cain slaying Abel

Cain Slaying Abel by Peter Paul Rubens

Cain is the oldest son of Adam and Eve and brother of Abel and Seth. Originally he was a farmer that worked the soil until he committed the first murder by slaying Abel. After the death of his brother he was cursed by God and forced to leave. He settled east of Eden and founded a first city he named Enoch after his son. 

The Slaying of Abel[1]Edit

Both Cain and Abel gave offerings to God. Cain presented an offering of fruit and Abel gave an offering that consisted of the firstboard of his flock and their fat portions. When the Lord accepted Abel's offering but rejected that of Cain's, Cain grew angry. The Lord warned Cain not to allow his anger to lead to sin but he did not listen. When Cain and Abel were in the field Cain rose up against he brother and killed him.


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