Moses with the Ten Commandments by Rembrandt

The Book of Exodus is the second book in the Old Testament and the second of five books that make up the Pentateuch . Written by Moses to the Israelite people, the book tells the story of how the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt and the giving of God ’s covenant at Mount Sinai .

The word Exodus is from the Latin word derived from Greek Exodos which means “exit” or “departure.” The name of first given to the book with the writing of the Latin Vulgate by the Jewish author Philo.


I. Prologue
A. Oppression of Israel (1:1-1:22)
B. Moses' birth (2:1-10)
C. Moses' escape from Egypt (2:11-25)
II. God's Deliverance (3:1-18:27)
A. Moses sent to Egypt (3:1-4:31)
B. Unsuccessful attempts to deliver (5:1-5:23)
C. The 10 plagues against Egypt (6:1-11:10)
1. God encourages Moses
2. Moses warns Pharaoh (7:1-13)
3. First plague: Water turned to blood (7:14-24)
4. Second plague: Frogs (7:25-8:15)
5. Fourth plague: Flies (8:16-19)
6. Fifth plague: Egyptian livestock die (9:1-7)
7. Sixth plague: Boils (9:8-12)
8. Seventh plague: Hail (9:13-35)
9. Eighth plague: Locust (10:1-20)
10. Ninth plague: Darkness (10:21-29)
11. Tenth plague threatened (11:1-10)
D. The Passover (12:1-28)
E. The Exodus from Egypt (12:29-51)
F. Consecration of the Firstborn (13:1-16)
G. Crossing the Red Sea (13:17-14:31)
H. Journey to Sinai (15:22-18:27)
III. Covenant at Sinai (19:1-24:18)
A. The Covenant proposed (19:1-25)
B. The Ten Commandments (20:1-21)
C. The Book of the Covenant (20:22-23:33)
D. Covenant Confirmed (24:1-18)
IV. God's Royal Tent (25:1-40:38)
A. Instructions (25:1-31:18)
B. Rebellion (32:1-34:35)
C. Royal Tent set up (35:1-40-38_